Eldridge Arnold

American Merganser

American Woodcock

American Woodcock (decending)

American Woodcock (2 Flushing)

American Woodcock "Feigning injury”

Belted Kingfisher (Ready for the plunge)

Blue Birds (pair)

Bobwhite Quail

Canvas Back

Common Tern


Downy Woodpecker


Eared Grebe

Eastern Blue Birds

Franklin's Gull

Great Blackbacked Gull & American Goldeneye

Green Herons

Greenwing Teal (preening)

Hudsonian Godwit (preening)

Hummingbirds (Courting in Flight)


Killdeer (Passing Through)

Ladderback & Moth Red Breasted Woodpecker

Least Tern (1 Nesting)

Least Terns (3 Nesting in strong wind)


Mocking Bird

Morning Dove (1 in Courting Display)

Morning Dove (2 in Courting Display)

Northern Cardinals

Peregrine Falcon

Red Breased Merganser (Hen)

Ringneck Pheasant

Ruffed Grouse and Song Bird in Confrontation

Screech Owl


Trout "Fish Tail"

Trout jumping for moth on reed

White Breasted Nuthatches (feeding)

Wilson Snipe (courting in flight)

Yellow Billed Cuckoo

Yellow Shafted Flicker